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White Paper—Frost & Sullivan: Managing Uncoordinated Legacy Data & Paper Records Through Advanced Data Management

Drowning in data? Can’t readily access key data for making critical decisions because it is in legacy systems, unstructured, or not digitized? We have solutions.

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As technology has advanced in the past decade, energy companies have generated vast volumes of unstructured data (video footage, sensor data, satellite imagery, etc.). This is in addition to massive amounts of legacy data on paper and other formats. You may have the data you need to resolve some of your current challenges – if only you could access it easily. These disparate data sources are under-leveraged and difficult to integrate.

Analytical tools are only as effective as the data being fed into them, so, despite ready access to advanced data analysis tools, businesses across the energy sphere need data management solutions to find, digitize and integrate legacy and unstructured data with current digital data.

This e-book, developed in partnership between Frost & Sullivan and Iron Mountain, explores how a technically progressive industry can solve its legacy data and integration challenges.

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