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White Paper: Increased Efficiency in Flowback Sand Recovery Avoids Costly Abrasion Damage to Facilities

Case study on how a Marcellus operator was able to recover 99%+ of frac sand in high flowrate wells using advanced cyclone technology.

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TETRA Technologies SandStorm system

In Pennsylvania, a gas well operator was challenged to improve sand recovery from frac flowback. The challenge lay in the especially high flowrate of the wells, up to 45 MMCFD. Particle size from the frac-sand was very fine and variable. Conventional solutions, such as sand separators or finer screen filter mechanisms were unsuitable because they could hinder production rate from the wells. Filter systems require more maintenance, increasing costs and risk to workers.

Exploring alternatives, the operator conducted a side-by-side comparison of solutions from TETRA Technologies and another company. TETRA deployed its SandStormTM  advanced cyclone technology, demonstrating both near 100% efficiency at recovering the frac sand and significant cost savings per well.

Learn more about this technology and the benefits this operator gained by downloading our case study.

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