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Aker BP Teams With Microsoft, SLB, Halliburton To Streamline Data Sharing

The partnership plans to develop an overlying software suite, Data Mesh, to consolidate data from various sources and increase data-access efficiency.

Source: Aker BP

Microsoft recently announced a strategic partnership with Aker BP, SLB, and Halliburton. This collaboration aims to develop Data Mesh, designed to increase the efficiency of data availability for energy companies.

Field development today involves a complex process where data from approximately 150 different applications must be collected manually, often using tools such as PowerPoint and Excel, before decisions can be made. The time-consuming manual process of moving data between these applications is one of the main reasons field development takes such a long time.

The purpose of the collaboration between Aker BP, Microsoft, SLB, and Halliburton is to solve one of the industry’s biggest challenges. Data Mesh, the framework on top of Microsoft Azure Data Manager for Energy, is designed to play a key role in solving this challenge. This framework aims to provide the ability to maintain full visibility into the use of data, including its sources and assumptions, allowing for a more transparent and traceable decision-making process.

“With Azure Data Manager for Energy and Data Mesh, we have seen efficiency increase across the board,” said Paula Doyle, Aker BP’s chief digital officer. “It is a testament to the power of combining traditional industry knowledge with cutting-edge tech.”

Data Mesh can be described as an overarching layer that effectively connects all the data sets. This is intended to allow seamless access to data from various sources, including SLB, Halliburton, and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, with a single tool.

“When we now get continuously updated insight, and can improve operational efficiency, we will also move away from traditional data handling and consider data as a valuable product in itself,” said Arnfinn Grøtte, manager for drilling and wells digitalization at Aker BP. “This represents a transition from passive to proactive data management. Data Mesh will take Aker BP a big step towards becoming data-driven.”