Robert M. Pearson

SPE Technical Director, Production and Facilities Glynn Resources

Robert Pearson is the technical director of the Production and Facilities discipline and founder of Glynn Resources, a consulting company based in Calgary. He has worked in production operations, completions engineering, and field development planning for onshore, offshore, frontier, and unconventional developments in several geographic regions. Pearson spent 10 years at Shell International prior to moving to Canada with Petro-Canada, now Suncor, as a district production operations supervisor. He cofounded and was subsequently president of APA Petroleum Engineering, which is now part of the RPS Energy Group. He worked for the group in Singapore and Brisbane before returning to Canada in 2015. Pearson has led and facilitated training in production and completions engineering and integrated subsurface studies for more than 35 years for major operating companies, professional societies, and International Human Resources Development Corp. Pearson holds a bachelor’s degree in mining engineering from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and trained as a petroleum engineer at the Shell Training Centre in The Hague. He is a registered professional engineer in Alberta.

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