George King

Viking Engineering

George E. King is a registered professional engineer with more than 40 years of experience since joining Amoco Research Center in 1971. His technical work has provided advances in foam fracturing, production from unstable chalk, underbalanced perforating, sand control reliability, and shale gas completions and complex fracturing. Currently, King is working with new technologies for the oil and gas industry. He holds a BS degree in chemistry from Oklahoma State University, and a BS degree in chemical engineering and an MS degree in petroleum engineering, both from the University of Tulsa, where he also taught completions and workovers for 11 years as an adjunct professor. King has written 65 technical papers, was awarded the 2004 SPE Production Operations Award, and was recognized as the 2012 Engineer of the Year by the Greater Houston Chapter of the Texas Society of Professional Engineers. After 37 years, he retired in 2008 from BP as a distinguished advisor and is currently Apache’s global technical consultant. King lives in Katy, Texas. One of his hobbies is rebuilding vintage Ford Mustangs.