ChampionX and Modumetal Collaborate To Develop Production Technology

The agreement will introduce rod couplings coated with nanolaminate technology with the goal of improving equipment reliability.

 Rod couplings coated with Modumetal nanolaminate technology

Chemistry solutions and equipment technologies company ChampionX is combining its research and development capabilities with nanotechnology company Modumetal, and its materials and processes, in an exclusive collaboration agreement to drive production-related technology developments.

The collaboration will introduce ChampionX’s Norris rod couplings coated with Modumetal nanolaminate technology.

Both companies will also evaluate the technical and commercial feasibility of Modumetal technology with existing and new production-equipment advancements, including artificial lift system components, with the goal of improving equipment reliability and lowering operating expenses..

Modumetal’s NanoPlex technology has shown improved performance in corrosive oil-well environments when applied to sucker rod couplings, Dennis Creech, president and chief executive officer of Modumetal, said in a press release. The nanotech company has also worked in the past on nanolaminated alloys that could reduce the need for inhibitor fluid in offshore facilities.