Collaborative Approach Solves Upstream R&D Challenges

This paper describes an approach implemented by the operator to solve research and development challenges by creating in-house infrastructure of both software and hardware.

3D printer used in the digital laboratory.
Fig. 1—3D printer used in the digital laboratory.

The complete paper describes creation of an approach involving a research and development (R&D) environment that supports the business community. The operator’s Ibtikar laboratory is the result of an initiative to develop and provide in-house infrastructure (hardware and software) support within a national oil company’s operations. This synopsis is mostly devoted to a description of R&D challenges faced by the developers and the steps taken to overcome them.

Efficient Seismic Attribute Extraction for Azimuthal or Angle Stacks

An asset team acquired a few high-density broadband single-source, single-sensor seismic surveys characterized by an enormous amount of data. From acquisition to processing, multiple subcubes (90 GB/cube) were produced for the purpose of capturing subtle geological features.

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