Fugro Conducts First Fully Remote Inspection of Platform

The fully remote inspection was conducted with an ROV to increase worker safety and security and reduce environmental exposure on an offshore platform.

Fugro control room

Fugro conducted its first fully remote oil and gas platform inspection in UK waters, demonstrating reduced risk in terms of worker health, safety, security, and environmental exposure. The inspection was completed 155 miles east of Scotland using a remotely operated vehicle and its remote operations center (ROC) in Aberdeen.

The Dutch geological survey firm planned the remote inspection as a trial, but lack of available inspectors due to COVID-19 led inspection engineers from the ROC to deliver the project remotely on schedule.

The platform’s jacket structure was inspected, and the ROV was mobilized with remote systems for visual inspection, cathodic protection, and flooded-member detection. All systems were base checked, confirming communications links with the ROC.

Fugro also transacted a Component-Orientated Anomaly-Based Inspection System (COABIS) database across the onshore and offshore locations, allowing data acquired by the ROV to be accessed in near real time.