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PPDM and Dancy Launch Data as a National Resource Hub

The initiative is designed to support national data repositories, regulators, and national oil companies looking for ways to leverage, maintain, and improve their data.

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Technical data is increasingly important as we move from hydrocarbons to more-sustainable forms of energy, and a new Data as a National Resource (DANR) Hub will encompass and embrace the transition, supporting all users in presenting their requirements and solutions to subscribers and leading initiatives in bringing energy-transition elements to licensing rounds.

The hub is powered by the Professional Petroleum Data Management Association (PPDM) and supported by Dancy Energy Consulting. It is designed to support national data repositories (NDRs), regulators, and national oil companies looking for ways to leverage, maintain, and improve their data. The new global community is built around the virtual 24/7 hub, created to support these organizations with a variety of resources, virtual events, and learning and support materials.

“Data as a National Resource will support a critical sector who steward natural resources and data as assets of the nations they serve,” said Trudy Curtis, PPDM’s CEO. “Within these organizations, energy data professionals are connected in their needs but distributed across the globe. We intend to provide access to resources that will empower them in their day-to-day work, develop their professional capability and competence, and enable them to position data as a strategic and monetized resource not just for today but for tomorrow.”

The DANR Hub will provide community member with events, training, and resources provided by all participants.

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Tracey Dancy, CEO of Dancy Energy, said she is delighted to be part of the initiative and plans to lead training on successful licensing rounds.

“My long engagement with the NDR community and experience with licensing rounds has taught me that community is vitally important, and the provision of the DANR Hub, with the potential to learn from others and use that to encourage investment to their countries, is a very exciting move,” she said. “I particularly look forward to seeing the inclusion of energy transition elements in what has been a traditionally ‘hydrocarbon-only’ arena.”

Designed to bring together regulators and government representatives with potential operators and service companies, the DANR Hub will host a range of events covering topics such as the setting up of a national data store and monetizing data with licensing rounds. All subscribers will be invited to participate, with DANR sponsors provided with opportunities to present their services.

The DANR Hub initiative will be led by a volunteer leadership team consisting of representatives from the community. Membership of PPDM is not a requirement, although PPDM members will receive a discount on subscriptions, sponsorship, and advertising opportunities presented by the DANR Hub.

A launch event is planned for 23 February. Register here.