Qualifying Bismuth Plug Technology in Mozambique

Prior to proceeding with a contract to fulfil a rigless P&A campaign for Sasol in Mozambique, BiSN designed a field trial to prove the effectiveness of its bismuth plug technology. Although the technology had been used in 19 countries by BiSN for a variety of downhole applications, it had not yet been qualified for use in Mozambique.

Cement repair tool being prepared prior to being run in hole.
Cement repair tool being prepared prior to being run in hole.
Source: BiSN.

Over the past 10 years, bismuth plugs have been used more often to solve complex downhole integrity issues and to permanently abandon wells, both on and offshore. As bismuth technology is relatively new to the market, it often needs to be qualified in-country before use on a larger scale. This is a significant barrier to the adoption of new technologies in general within the industry and not unique to the use of bismuth as a permanent sealing barrier.

Bismuth and bismuth-based alloys have unique properties that allow them to be used as a sealing material that has the potential to change the industry. It has a specific gravity of 10 which means it is 10 times denser than water.

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