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White Paper: Novel Flow Device Improves Performance of Matrix Acid Stimulation in Carbonates

Got carbonates? Then you know the challenges of acidizing. A new autonomous outflow control device can give you greater control and significantly improve your results.

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Effective acid placement in carbonate reservoirs is difficult. It is a complex depositional environment and you want to be certain to stimulate the right zones and ensure penetration into the formation matrix while avoiding excessive increases in bottom hole pressure.

Tendeka has developed a new autonomous outflow control device that can provide mechanical diversion during matrix stimulation. Once a zone has been sufficiently stimulated by the acid, the device in that zone closes and restricts further stimulation. This allows the acid to flow to and stimulate other zones.

A case study from the Middle East shows that use of this new autonomous outflow control device demonstrated:

  • Ability to ensure all zones were optimally stimulated
  • More balanced production profile across zones after stimulation
  • A 3-fold increase in production rate.

Learn more by downloading our white paper about this new technology.

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