JPT June 2022 Issue

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At the Utah FORGE geothermal test site, drilling crew members look up at the rig used to test speed records while drilling through a mile of granite at temperatures exceeding 400°F. Source: Eric Larson, Flash Point SLC.

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Monthly Features
President's Column
Coiled Tubing
  • In this year’s feature are two case histories and an equipment-development paper, all of which are, by accident rather than design, from operations undertaken in the Gulf States. Each, in its own way, exemplifies the engineering decisions and balances that must be weighed to provide the best solution within limiting parameters and the considerable effort this may take…
Hydraulic Fracturing Operations
  • The past decade has seen many technological innovations in the well-completion domain focused on hydraulic fracturing. Within openhole multistage completions, we have seen a wider use of higher-expansion-ratio packers, fracturing-sleeve configurations, multicluster fracturing sleeves, dissolvable ball and seat technologies, and reclosable sleeves. When we look at case…
EOR Operations