Savvy Separator Educational Video Series Now Available

The newly launched video series featuring speaker Bob Chin, the creator and editor of the OGF Savvy Separator Series of articles, provides a basic level of understanding of separator design and troubleshooting.

Man at computer completing training

The 10-part video series provides a basic level of understanding of separator design and troubleshooting. The 15–30-minute videos (totaling approximately 3½ hours) are based on a 2-day SPE separator training course. Separator types, design methodology, inlet piping effects, and internals are discussed. Troubleshooting methods and case studies are reviewed. Specialty topics of motion effects on separation, inline separation, and subsea separation are also covered. Process engineers, operators, and other discipline engineers would benefit from one or more of the videos. Watch this video for a sample of the series.  

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The speaker, Bob Chin, is a co-founder and past chair of the SPE Separations Technology Technical Section. He created and continues to be the editor for the successful Savvy Separator articles in SPE’s Oil and Gas Facilities (online) magazine. He has more than 30 years in the oil and gas industry, mainly with Shell, and served as its subject-matter expert in separations. Chin joined Shell in 1981 and advanced research on multiphase flow, leak detection, and separations. He left Shell in 1999 to form a separator design and supply company, returning to Shell in 2006 where he led teams on facilities for EOR and subsea processing R&D. He retired from Shell in 2014, is co-founder of Padden Engineering, and consults in the oil and gas industry. This Savvy Separator Training from Home video series is a result of his passion for knowledge transfer.