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Speedcast Launches Next-Generation IoT Platform

The customizable Internet of things service is designed for monitoring onshore and offshore remote assets.

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At a time when travel and movement of personnel are restricted, a unified Internet of things (IoT) platform that can monitor remote assets has become increasingly critical. Communications company Speedcast International has launched its next-generation IoT platform designed to simplify connectivity, provisioning, and device management through a single console. Designed for use with onshore and offshore assets, the Speedcast IoT Center uses Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The Speedcast IoT Center is configurable. Users also can choose from cellular, satellite, and low-power wireless options and manage everything from one interface. Once devices are deployed, the center monitors the health and status of all key elements of the IoT ecosystem, including the devices, communications network, and IoT platform. The IoT center is protocol-agnostic and able to use real-time data from any device and apply cloud-based translation and normalization of device data.

“Speedcast currently manages over tens of thousands of IoT devices on our network, and the IoT Center will add further scale and depth to this growing part of the company’s product portfolio,” said Jeffrey Irwin, vice president of product management at Speedcast.

Speedcast’s IoT services are deployed across the energy, maritime, mining, and humanitarian sectors. Speedcast IoT services are being used also for personnel monitoring and safety and for tracking cargo assets.