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White Paper: Data-driven Operators Are the Future of US Shale

Unconventional wells produce massive amounts of data across a multitude of systems. Bringing all this data together increases efficiency, speeds screening, enhances smart decision-making, and ultimately returns greater production. Learn how PetroVisor can help.

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The energy market is changing, according to consulting firm Deloitte. In their 2021 Oil and Gas Industry Outlook, Deloitte refers to the latest trend as “the great compression.” Mass layoffs, changing public perception and governmental policies towards clean energy, and long-term decline of oil demand in the US are just some of the headwinds shale operators face today.

Companies must be agile and be able to generate superior financial performance with minimal resources in order to survive. Digitalization is key. Deloitte predicts that the U.S. shale industry will look very different in the coming years, perhaps dominated by a high-graded or integrated portfolio of data-driven operators. Leveraging data to make smart decisions quicker will enable shale companies to succeed as the industry undergoes unprecedented transitions.

Data-driven operators will rise to the top and outperform their peers. PetroVisor customers have seen up to 70% reduction in time spent screening data, leading to significant decreases in overall project time, increased capital and operating efficiencies and, most importantly, higher production.

The platform is open, agnostic, lowers costs and enhances productivity. PetroVisor is in a category of its own, enabling better decision making from the C-Suite to the field.

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