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Two test sites will be finding out this year how well their network of well-to-well fractures does at water heating. Source: Stephen Rassenfoss, Emerging Technology Senior Editor.

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Natural Gas Processing and Handling
  • LNG
    Renewed interest in, and high-level discussions regarding, the expansion in necessary natural gas infrastructure, the growth in energy consumption, and the expansion of liquefied natural gas business are all strong indicators for technical improvements in the handling and processing of natural gas in this new phase of the energy economy.
  • Since the beginning, well completion and stimulation strategies have always sought to optimize water management and, extending the concept, management of all fluids produced.
Heavy Oil
  • One of the more common characteristics of heavy oil reservoirs is a low primary recovery factor, which is mainly because of unfavorable mobility ratios between oil and water, negligible solution drives, and faster decline of reservoir pressures because of relatively low oil compressibility. Most of the technologies that apply to heavy oil reservoirs need to address th…
History Matching and Forecasting
  • This year’s history matching and forecasting selections cover topics that include performance prediction of a polymerflood pilot in a heavy oil reservoir, multivariate characterization and modeling of a paleo zone, and multiwell pressure history matching in an unconventional reservoir.

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