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A pipe perforated to represent a fracturing cluster is surrounded by a shroud made of sections of heavy-walled pipe that blocks the flow of water and sand out of the perforations, which then drop into the container below. In the foreground is a barrier that deflects fluid back into the tank. Source: GEODynamics.

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  • Employment is not a direct function of oil prices, but of upstream and midstream investment and activity. Fluctuations in SPE membership generally lag the activity increase or decrease by 1–2 years. It is expected that the current upcycle of activity will contribute to a rebound in membership, especially among the young professionals.
  • Seven years, and we’re on track to exceed the 1.5°C target established by the Paris Agreement in 2015 to limit global warming by 2030. Instead, we may be turning up the heat to 3.0°C. And in this case, doubling the wager does not hold potential for greater rewards. A recent report addressed the costs of technologies for emissions mitigation and their likelihood of mak…
SPE News
  • The perception of the petroleum industry is not currently a good one. So, if that sentiment can be measured, can it be improved? The SPE Sustainable Development Technical Section believes it can by SPE members thinking like activists yet acting like engineers. Data collection and analysis are key to determining what really matters.
Deepwater Fields
  • Technical advancements and innovative solutions have played a key role in the successful journey of sustainability of deepwater developments. These concepts will remain a catalyst for these assets for the next decades, provided the availability of appropriate resources and executive vision.
Intelligent Operations
  • The last couple of years, I have highlighted efforts around remote operations of fields, smart wells, and the acquisition and integration of real-time data. This year, I have focused on recent drilling-related papers that highlight how safety and performance can be improved with more-intelligent operations.
Extended-Reach and Complex Wells
Cementing and Zonal Isolation
  • In the October 2021 issue of JPT, incoming SPE President Kamel Ben-Naceur discussed the importance of collaboration in solving technical problems quickly and efficiently. Three of the papers selected in this section are from collaborations between multiple companies pooling their expertise and resources to develop solutions for complex problems that could not be addre…