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A set of rod-lift pumps in an oil field. Source: Getty Images.

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Formation Evaluation
  • As we continue to advance the capability in the laboratory environment to test downhole condition measurements experimentally, the tools we are using appear to be bridging the subsurface characterization with the production results. Continued focus on unconventionals is complemented with a renewed focus on conventional research as well.
Subsea Systems
  • In current offshore operations—with an emphasis on environmental, social, and governance performance—subsea has an increasingly important role to play. Subsea tiebacks in particular offer opportunities to increase asset productivity while minimizing environmental impact on an incremental production-per-barrel basis.
Health, Safety, and Environment
  • While the upstream industry continues to incorporate and develop advances in automation and machine learning (ML), its professionals remain dedicated to safety and security, using these technologies to help maintain high standards and achieve new goals.
Gas Production
  • In response to sustained global demand, the development of gas production technology continues unabated. The chain starts with enabling production from an ever-wider range of resources, including source rock (shale), coal-seam gas, deep offshore gas, contaminated gas, and methane-hydrate sediment or by maximizing recovery from existing reservoirs by enhanced-gas-recov…

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