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Associated gas is flared off a New Mexico well. Source: THEPALMER/Getty Images.

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SPE News
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Formation Evaluation
  • Because natural and hydraulic fractures are generated hundreds of meters underground, their parameters always seem to be a black box. Their influence on pressure propagation and well productivity, however, cannot be overstated. So how well are we doing in fracture evaluation and modeling?
Subsea Systems
  • Emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, and coupled with increasing activity for energy production, the latest focus on subsea systems indicates that the subsea industry is moving with the times, reflecting technology developments, and meeting overall society demands in terms of holistic energy supply.
Health, Safety, and Environment
  • This year’s HSE Technical Focus feature showcases environmental sustainability. Offshore hybrid renewable power generation, electrically driven well abandonment in urban and natural settings, and the use of remotely controlled, low-carbon-footprint underwater intervention/inspection drones demonstrate HSE-conscious planning and successful implementation in the field.
Gas Production
  • The demand for natural gas remains unabated and with it the need to further develop and disseminate gas-production-related expertise. A few of the common themes that emerge from recent SPE publications are elaborated upon here.

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