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BPX Energy’s Grand Slam Centralized Processing Facility near Orla, Texas, is an electrified central oil, gas, and water‑handling facility that uses a separation and compression system to recover gas that would typically be flared at the wellsite. Source: BPX Energy/Marc Morrison.

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SPE News
  • The Petroleum Resources Management System (PRMS) has long been recognized as the global standard reference for resources and reserves classification and definition. The newly published “2022 Guidelines for Application of the PRMS” is not merely a refresh of the 2011 version but a complete rewrite by contemporary subject-matter experts.
SPE News
SPE News
Reserves Management
  • We continue to live in volatile times. While there has been an easing of the global pandemic, geopolitical issues and conflicts have been increasing. There is also ever-increasing pressure to sanction and maintain oil and gas projects in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner. These projects can no longer be considered part of an isolated or independent pet…
Production and Facilities
  • I would like to highlight the following works as promising technological developments for production and facilities: innovative measurement techniques, improvements to drilling safety, new developments in piping inspection, and a very interesting study of triangular vs. circular cross-sectional pipes.
Bits and Bottomhole Assemblies
  • The industry’s commitment to improve drilling efficiency and reduce operational costs is in full gear, yielding positive results, because of the new alignment and focus on cycle-time improvement. Holistic methodologies and solutions needed for this endeavor pose several questions that must be answered because clearer and complete pictures must be drawn for all challen…
Water Management
  • The three papers chosen for publication share different approaches to chemically managing high-salinity produced water through commercially viable approaches. The identification of processes to treat high salinity levels and the approaches to alter and control the process make the papers not only good for discussion but also practical for all players, big and small.

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