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A team of technicians prepares for robotic operations at a testing facility in Lacq, France, that is specifically designed for ground robot and drone testing, and to experiment with new facility designs. Source: TotalEnergies.

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President's Column
2021 SPE President
In his final column as SPE President, Tom Blasingame reminds members to never forget the enormous responsibility they bear in providing the global community with one of its most essential commodities. He calls for increased efforts to engage and contribute to our industry and to SPE to pave the way to sustainable and renewable energy.
Case Study
  • Forecasts for oil demand are looking up. Will the optimistic views prove to be on target? We have learned how the market can shift or wildly careen, both historically and in the very recent past. The outlooks, which reflect a consensus of sorts, is encouraging for producers.
SPE News
Formation Evaluation
  • In this new decade, the prevalence of integration is at the forefront of the scientific community. Every discipline, scientist, or company has a way in which they define the term “integration.” Regardless of how you define the effort that links disciplines quantitatively, the importance of constraining subsurface characterization to link it to production results and d…
Health, Safety, and Environment
  • One of the miracles over the past year has been the accumulated knowledge around the human genome and application of this science to the rapid development of efficacious vaccines. As within oil and gas, humans can rise to the challenge to solve complex problems when identified. This is playing out as we see societal drivers around climate change and net-zero carbon em…
Subsea Systems
  • Flow assurance in subsea oil and gas fields often presents significant challenges. Every field has its own combination of difficulties, and no universal process or system can be used to mitigate these. Detailed knowledge across a broad range of competencies, therefore, is required to find solutions that can minimize the risk of not getting the hydrocarbons safely to t…
Gas Production
  • Until you hear that commercial fusion reactors are online or that low-cost, grid-scale electricity storage made from commonplace materials can handle a 10-day cold snap or heat wave, there is no need to hang up your pipe wrenches. Fossil fuels will remain the most energy-dense, cost-effective, reliable energy source until an extraordinary breakthrough creates a better…

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