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Well pads spread across the Permian Basin of west Texas. Source: Getty Images.

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President's Column
  • In 2022, several events took place that required a pause to think about their effect on our Society. It is time to close the chapter on these events, recognizing the lessons learned from them, and move forward with the main activities of SPE to provide members with the technical and professional support that allows us to provide the world with the energy it needs.
Case Study
Drilling and Completion Fluids
  • Significant reserves additions may be realized if the risks associated with drilling in such harsh conditions can be managed effectively. Design and development of a new generation of drilling fluids able to fulfill all of the attributed functions under extreme pressure and temperature conditions is one of the key requirements for unlocking these resources.
Artificial Lift
  • Understanding the injected-water preferential paths is a key aspect of waterflood optimization in reservoirs characterized by strong vertical and areal heterogeneities. Devising specific work flows for such applications is important.
Data Analytics
  • Hydraulic fracture stimulation is proven to be the economic way to develop tight unconventional reservoirs. From an operational perspective, hydraulic stimulation is well established and widely applied to most unconventional plays. There is still room for improvement, however, to increase the efficiency and deepen the understanding of the detailed mechanism in the pro…
Sand Management
  • Flow assurance effects from slugging and various types of solids deposition during engineering, design, maintenance, and operations still create challenging technical issues needing safe, economical solutions. The recurring long-term mitigation of flow assurance phenomena such as the deposition of wax, erosion, asphaltenes, corrosion, and salt, still demands attention…

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