JPT February 2023 Issue

JPT February 2023 cover

On the Cover
Production from the Cenovus-led West White Rose development will be produced through the SeaRose FPSO. First oil is expected in 2026. Source: Cenovus.

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Drilling Automation and Innovation
Well Testing
  • This month’s papers highlight ongoing developments within the well testing discipline and important reminders about how to properly use dynamic data. The application of these well testing fundamentals to a nascent carbon storage market is still evolving.
Formation Evaluation
  • In the life cycle of a field, from exploration and production to development, as we hone our knowledge to understand the reservoir, we often explore various subdomains of formation evaluation at various scales. In this issue, we explore three such subdomains at three different scales.
  • This year’s titles have a good mix of new frontier exploration, expanding heartlands, and brownfield-development themes. Improved seismic survey techniques, seismic image uplift, enhanced seismic attribute analysis, reservoir characterization, fracture diagnostics, mitigation of induced seismicity, and carbon capture and storage topics also were featured.

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