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The Polvo-A platform supports development of the Polvo shallow-water field in Brazil’s Campos Basin. The fixed platform is connected to the Bravo FPSO which has a capacity to process 90,000 B/D and store up to 1.6 million bbl. Source: PetroRio.

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President's Column
  • The SPE Strategic Plan to be developed needs to take into consideration the hardships and changes that have affected the industry and SPE members. It must provide a solid foundation to best serve our members’ needs into the future using a financially sustainable model.
SPE News
Reservoir Simulation
  • Whether it be Derrick Turk asking us to “resist the temptation to accrue vocabulary rather than understanding” or Mark Bentley telling us that “if you can sketch it you can model it,” there does seem to be a growing pushback against the notions that the modeling/simulation process can be successfully shrink-wrapped and that fundamental understanding is increasingly a …
Wellbore Tubulars
  • Digital technology and high computing and processing speeds and novel technologies are providing additional impetus to extend the life of tubulars for long-term sustained production, minimizing negative effects on the environment. Recently, many new technologies borrowed from the horizontal-drilling industry have been applied effectively for downhole conditions to det…
Unconventional and Tight Reservoirs
  • Have you noticed that the pace, breadth, and depth of engagement in decarbonization within the oil and gas industry is going from strength to strength? In addition to corporate commitments and project announcements, this was evident in the content of OnePetro technical papers during the past year that demonstrate the industry is serious about implementation.