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Using methods developed for fusion research, Quaise Energy will use microwaves to bore through metamorphic rock with a goal of drilling a 10-km-deep well by this decade's end. Source: Quaise Energy.

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Guest Editorial
President's Column
  • Among the outcomes from COP27 that SPE will be discussing in future meetings and publications are the participation of the oil industry in the conference, decarbonization vs. reduction, and attempts to phase out petroleum. Also, read about how SPE Energy Stream selects and presents live and on-demand programming.
Case Study
SPE News
SPE News
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EOR Modeling
  • Our industry has consistently demonstrated resilience, adaptivity, and creativity. In the era of industry transition to low-carbon operations, opportunities exist for selective EOR methods to revive and contribute. The selected papers in this feature include examples of innovative approaches for developing efficient EOR schemes and advanced modeling and optimization.
Mature Fields and Well Revitalization
Well Integrity
  • Moving into 2023, perhaps it will be safe to say that the era of the low-carbon energy mix has begun as the primary energy production landscape is changing fast. Until now, fossils fuels have dominated, and may still for the next few years dominate, the energy mix; however, a shift is taking place that will gain momentum, driven by global efforts toward addressing cli…
Digital Data Acquisition
  • Gaining insights from digital data in the highly technical exploration and production industry requires experience, knowledge, and awareness about the acquisition of the data. The technologies presented here aim to facilitate the decision-making process while requiring less time and lower costs without sacrificing the accuracy of the data and still decreasing the prob…

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