JPT November 2023 Issue

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On the Cover
On the cover: A restimulation operation in the Barnett Shale of north Texas where hundreds of early-generation shale wells have received similar refracturing treatments since late 2021. Source: BKV Corp.

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Guest Editorial
Case Study
  • Prior to proceeding with a contract to fulfil a rigless P&A campaign for Sasol in Mozambique, BiSN designed a field trial to prove the effectiveness of its bismuth plug technology. Although the technology had been used in 19 countries by BiSN for a variety of downhole applications, it had not yet been qualified for use in Mozambique.
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Drilling and Completion Fluids
EOR Operations
  • Oil is the bedrock on which modern society is built. The primary question remains: How can we continue to produce oil while minimizing its climate-harming byproducts? Thanks to the ingenuity of industry professionals around the world, new technologies are emerging that allow us to achieve this goal.
Hydraulic Fracturing Modeling
Flow Assurance
  • This year has seen a focus on gas development projects and the energy transition. Flow assurance plays an interesting role in this area. Even though the attention has been on the energy transition, where gas development is concerned, the production processes through which gas is produced cannot be ignored. Thus, flow-assurance issues remain prevalent today, and an ana…

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