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Bright days await Namibia’s burgeoning offshore oil and gas industry. Source: Getty Images.

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Offshore Drilling and Completion
  • Optimizing and continually increasing efficiencies at every stage of the drilling and completion process are central themes in the papers showcased in this feature. Innovating our way through difficult times is what the oil and gas industry excels at, especially during challenging periods. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the offshore energy industry faced immense strugg…
Artificial Lift
  • Paper SPE 213089 describes an artificial lift selection tool for unconventional reservoirs driven by reduced-physics models. Paper SPE 213975 extols the value of gas lift downsizing by optimizing the selection and placement of Venturi, orifice, and dummy valves. And Paper SPE 214361 explains how electrical submersible pumps could become electrical submersible generato…
Data Analytics
  • The selected list of papers shares some interesting examples to showcase the value added by close collaboration between data scientists and subject-matter experts and how the power of the digital revolution actively revitalizes our industry.
Sand Management
  • With the higher adaptation of flow-control devices in recent years to improve flow segmentation and reduce the premature failure of sand control because of highly localized flow, flow-control-device implementation is becoming an integral part of sand-management strategy.

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