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Geosteering is supposed to ensure the wellbore stays in the most-productive zone, but a recent study suggests it often misses the mark.
The SPE Workshop “Impact of Digitalization on Drilling Operations” began on 29 November in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, welcoming 316 attendees from 17 countries and 44 companies.
Nabors' RZR-equipped rig has successfully drilled multiple horizontal wells in the Permian Basin.
  • Large geological models are needed for modeling the subsurface processes in geothermal, carbon-storage, and hydrocarbon reservoirs. The size of these models contributes to the computational cost of history matching, engineering optimization, and forecasting. To reduce this cost, low-dimensional representations need to be extracted. Deep-learning tools, such as autoenc…
  • The new Methane Alert and Response System initiative aims to scale up global efforts to detect and act on major emission sources in a transparent manner and accelerate implementation of the UN’s Global Methane Pledge. The system is designed to alert governments, companies, and operators about large methane sources to aid rapid mitigation.
  • The SPE Outstanding Associate Editor Award is presented to those who have distinguished themselves as high-performing associate editors for SPE’s peer-reviewed journals. Twenty-three SPE members have been named as recipients this year.
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