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Oilfield chemistry is turning to robotics to accelerate the development cycle of new chemicals meant to protect flowing assets from corrosion Source: Getty Images.

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Case Study
Case Study
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SPE News
Drilling Automation and Innovation
  • Changes in our industry have accelerated at a dramatic rate in an array of key technologies. Some of these initiatives have been under way for years and are familiar themes to SPE readers: artificial intelligence, automated decision making, data analytics, and visualization to name a few. Papers selected for this feature were chosen to highlight some of these areas of…
Well Testing
  • The subsurface is complex enough that multiple assumptions and hypotheses remain plausible; not all information may fit the storyline, and some might be dismissed or underweighted before the full range of possibilities is considered. A critical component of interpretation includes acknowledging one’s own bias and carefully listening to and seriously considering altern…
Formation Evaluation
  • The COVID-19 pandemic naturally has affected SPE meetings, causing many to be rescheduled or postponed indefinitely, but SPE papers continue to be a crucial source of technical knowledge. The selected papers explore simple and complex innovative approaches toward reservoir characterization to work around the absence of certain data.