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Price tag, oil demand expected to scuttle newbuild deepwater rig plans. Source: Transocean.

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Reservoir Surveillance
  • While rapid production growth comes with proportional risks, it becomes crucial for reservoir surveillance engineers to quickly identify, derisk, and mitigate subsurface performance uncertainties. In this demanding scenario, the need for high-frequency reservoir performance surveillance is more critical than ever. Fortunately, advanced technologies have emerged as a r…
Field Development
  • The selected papers and suggested additional reading provide valuable insights into the evolving field of development optimization using physics-based simulation models and machine learning.
Offshore Facilities
  • Green hydrogen (i.e., hydrogen produced through electrolysis using electricity generated from the likes of wind turbines and solar panels) is growing rapidly in popularity as a successor to hydrocarbon fuel. … It is worth noting that hydrogen does have some issues, which, to be fair, have yet to be overcome.
Oilfield Chemistry
  • The technical arena of oilfield chemistry, both that of the natural downhole environment and that of chemistry introduced downhole, provides a rich testing ground for advanced uses of data. Whereas early uses of data in the upstream chemical space included use of design of experiment for vetting or developing new chemistries, today, data analytics enables, for example…

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