Saudi Arabia will keep its voluntary 1 million-barrel cut intact while Russia allowed a small production increase.
A 6-year R&D project concludes with the completion of a technology kit designed to study how combining highly pressurized natural gas and water could be a holistic alternative to traditional hydraulic fracturing.
The Biden administration wants green investment, jobs to stay stateside in emerging $23-trillion global market.
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President's Column
2021 SPE President
“Opening our sails” is a metaphor that the worst of the storm has passed or is passing, and it is time to get ourselves shipshape, making necessary repairs and preparations, and get back on course.
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    2020 was a pivotal year for the energy industry. As we look to the future, how can we leverage our collective knowledge to make step-change improvements to our operations and field development programs? Capitalize on a new learning opportunity that will help make our next chapter our finest.
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    Thermo Scientific e-Core Software is a unique, high-performance computing platform for the characterization of complex porous media. It focuses on the three essential components of Digital Rock Analysis: parallel computing, multiscale modeling, and process-based reconstruction of 3D volumes.
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    With an intense focus on improving returns and cash flow, oil and gas producers need step-change improvement in managing production versus plan. Embracing AI is critical to overcoming today's tools that largely fall short of achieving that ultimate goal.
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    While more operators than ever are digitizing their operations, they also need to consider the advantages of selecting a scheduling software. This White Paper illustrates the benefits of selecting AI-powered scheduling software that properly addresses the total needs of a drilling program.
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