Wind power keeps rising across the globe, while new solar plant developments light up Louisiana and Texas.
This year, 13 individuals join this elite group, bringing the total membership of A Peer Apart honorees to 211 dedicated members.
The $1-billion carbon capture project in Texas is revived after a 3-year hiatus.
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President's Column
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    How are upstream operators setting their geoscience teams up for success? Which data management capabilities are most important? And which geo data challenges are outstanding? These questions and others are answered in a report by the industry analysts IDC, based on a survey of industry participants.
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    The data that comes with mapping flow behavior at the stage level of unconventional wells was once accessible only through the installation of costly and intrusive diagnostic methodologies like fiber optic or running production logging. New-generation FloTrac ultrahigh-resolution nanoparticle tracer technology with subatomic spectroscopic measurement techniques now de…
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    Improve modeling accuracy and reduce the risk of unplanned downtime. By eliminating the need for multiple applications, complete more accurate comprehensive pressure safety studies faster.
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    The Wyoming Gas Injection Initiative (WGII) makes available $22 million of matching funds from the State of Wyoming to implement, in close collaboration with oil and gas operators and Dow, multiple field pilot projects in the State of Wyoming. The Initiative will fund projects over a 3- to 5-year period to support developments with significant potential to enhance wel…
  • Registration is open for the SPE Europe Energy GeoHackathon, which will be held in October and November. It will be preceded by 4-week online bootcamp sessions on data science and geothermal energy, which will begin on 2 October.
  • While innovation steadily advances technologies to produce geothermal energy, the determination of clearly defined laws and regulations is playing catch-up—state by state and case by case in courts. And until it does, scaling up of this promising energy source is at risk of being hamstrung.
  • Geothermal energy’s advantages make it popular across multiple sectors, from residential to industrial applications. Primary applications, namely electricity, direct use, and ground source heat pumps, offer diverse energy sources. Details of these and some unconventional applications are discussed.
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