The reduction is the largest OPEC+ has made since April 2020, but it may translate to a cut of only 1.1 million B/D due to underproducing members.
The SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition kicked off with an in-depth discussion of the challenges facing the oil and gas industry, including the energy transition and the industry’s role in it.
Bob Pearson shares his thoughts on the repurposing or abandonment and decommissioning of wells that are unlikely to be repurposed and/or pose an environmental risk with emissions into the atmosphere or aquifers.
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President's Column
  • Petroleum engineers have important roles to play in the future energy for the world. Among these are using our traditional concept of producing oil and natural gas as we are doing now and will need to continue to do for decades to come; using our competencies to address the challenges of climate change; and helping to develop additional forms of energy that do not add…
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